15 Easy DIY Bedroom Updates For 2015 So That Your Living Space Looks Brand New Again

The best bedrooms are the ones that reflect the person living in them, but let's be real — the best bedrooms are also the ones that have cool decorations and look at least a little bit organized, rather than the ones that are covered in discarded clothes and old coffee mugs (not judging anyone — I'm guilty of this myself, if we're being honest here). So in honor of the New Year, why not give your bedroom a 2015 update?

Just because you might have a small budget doesn't mean you can't have an awesome bedroom that makes everyone jealous. All you need is a little time and some basic crafting materials, and you can DIY your way to a seriously cool living space. Check out these 15 DIY projects that will help you go into 2015 feeling more organized and put-together — and never be embarrassed to invite someone into your room again.

Tufted Picture Frame Headboard

One way to instantly update your room is to add a pretty headboard to your bed. It’s another way to make an old bed brand new, and it’s also a cute way to decorate. Instead of buying one (or considering buying a new bed), just make one with this tutorial.

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Mood Board

The perfect way to make sure you follow all of your New Year’s resolutions? Create a mood board that will inspire you. You can put whatever you want on it — no rules apply, because it’s all about you.

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Vinyl Lampshade Makeover

Instead of spending money on a new lamp, update your old lampshade with this tutorial. It’s cheaper, and it will make for a fun weekend project. It’s not even that hard either!

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Wood and Brass Box Shelf

If you’re handy with tools (or know someone who is who will also be willing to help you), make this box shelf on your own instead of buying a shelf from the store. Box shelves are great because they’ll hold twice as much, and they look really cool. Get your stuff off your floor and/or dresser, and on a shelf to be more organized and put-together.

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DIY Flamingo Fairy Lights

Fairy lights make such a pretty decoration in your room, and although they might not give off a ton of actual light, they will make everything look cuter immediately. If you want to be super fun and whimsical, go for flamingos — but you can really pick anything you’d like here to make into fairy lights.

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Fabric-Lined Dresser Drawers

Breathe new life into your boring old dresser by lining the drawers in a colorful, fun print. You may only see this when you open the drawers, but every time you do, it will make you smile.

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DIY Wallpaper With A Sharpie

Spend one weekend getting super crafty and decorate your walls with a Sharpie instead of wallpaper or paint. No, seriously, do this. You can create an awesome pattern all on your own, and every time you look at it, you’ll feel proud of yourself.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is Print

If you’re living in a different state than where you grew up, make this easy and pretty glittery print of your home state to hang on your wall. It will remind you of your childhood home every time you look at it, and it’s a cute way to show off some hometown pride.

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DIY Jewelry Display

Get your jewelry off your dresser or out of your handbag pockets, and display it for every visitor to see. If you have a lot of jewelry, you can just show off your favorite statement pieces. This is functional and makes for great decor.

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Monogram Pillow

This no-sew DIY project is so simple, and it’s a great way to transform a boring throw pillow into something a little more personal.

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Bedside Bench

If you have room to add a little bench to the end of your bed, do it with this tutorial. It adds more sitting room for when someone is coming over, and will also just look really good when you throw a pretty blanket over it.

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DIY Marbled Paper Tray

If you have a lot of little things lying around your room, you need a pretty tray. The right tray not only looks like a beautiful decoration, it’s also functional — it will hold your random small items when you have nowhere else to put them. This one is easy to put together, and the marble paper on the inside is so pretty you’ll want to show it off.

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DIY Coat Hook

At first thought, it might seem weird to have a coat hook in your bedroom. But it’s not weird at all — it’s actually a really good idea. This is an easy way to save space in your closet, it’s a good place to hang up the stuff you use every day, and it has the potential to also make a great decoration. You can do a nautical theme like this, or you can simply use a piece of wood painted in any color you’d like.

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Geometric Triangle Wall Art

If your walls are looking a little boring, update them with this easy print instead of spending a lot of money and time on paint or wallpaper. These little triangles are cute, but you could really make this into any shape that you like the best — and use any color you like best.

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Platform Bed

One way to update the look of your bedroom? Change up your bed. By raising it up on a platform, you can make an old bed instantly look new again. This isn’t super easy and you may need some help, but the end result is worth it if you want something totally new for 2015.

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