16 Best Gadgets We Wanted in 2014 (And Still Want in 2015), From FitBits to E-Readers to the Snazzy iPhone 6

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It probably seems like more and more gadgets are released every day — making technology even more a part of our daily lives. Not only do we act like we will literally die without our smartphones, but we also have smart watches, smart homes, smart cars, smart TVs, and even smart milk to keep us going — and 2014's hottest tech products only left us wanting more.

Not that I'm complaining. I love gadgets, and 2014 was a great year for them. 2015 is poised to be the most gadget-ridden year yet, but first, let's take a look back at what must-have items came out in 2014 that we all wanted — and could still get with all that money we got for Christmas.

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