Little Boy Captures "Santa" on Camera Using a GoPro, And His Reaction Will Definitely Keep You in the Holiday Spirit

For most young kids, Christmas morning is all about the presents. But this year, one seven-year-old decided to make the holiday especially memorable by trying to capture Santa on tape. With the help of his family, the tech-savvy child set up a GoPro camera to catch Santa in the act near the Christmas tree — and let’s just say, his reaction to the resulting footage is too adorable for words.

The boy’s uncle donned a Santa suit for the purpose of the heartwarming video, which he later uploaded to Reddit. As he explained, he stayed up until 4 a.m. editing the video and putting it back on the camera so it would be ready for his nephew to watch on Christmas Day. Wow… talk about best uncle ever.

In the clip, the boy eagerly watches the footage, waiting for a glimpse of the man in the big red suit. At first, nothing happens and his family, keeping up the guise, starts to console the kid for his efforts. But he remains convinced, insisting Santa has to wait until everyone is asleep to show up. Of course, when he finally does appear with a poof of smoke and the chime of reindeer bells, the boy’s jaw drops in delighted disbelief. “How did we not hear him poof?!” he asks.

Dean Fisher on YouTube

His awe only grows as the video shows Santa taking a bite of the cookies left out for him and then making presents appear with a snap of his fingers. His final reaction is so good, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have you feeling that holiday spirit all over again. Ah, to be a kid on Christmas.

Image: YouTube