Disney Characters Come to New York City in Photographer Harry McNally's "Moments Like These" Photo Series

At some point or another, at least some New York City residents have probably wished that the city was full of Disney characters instead of people who shove you on the subway or push flyers in your face. Now, New York-based photographer and musician Harry McNally's "Moments Like These" photo series brings that scenario to life.

For his new project, McNally drops several classic Disney characters into real life situations, all set against the gritty backdrop of Manhattan. As seen below, each picture depicts a quintessential New York scenario, all of which will probably seem familiar to those who live in the area — with the addition of a familiar Disney face.

In one photo, Cinderella’s evil stepsisters and stepmother waltz around — where else? — the Upper West Side with their noses in the air and their Mean Girls attitudes on full display. In another, the ever-lost Alice stands in a subway station, gazing confusedly at two exits. Like I said, all familiar scenarios. Who hasn’t been at least momentarily thrown off in a subway station or come across a particularly hoity-toity group in an expensive neighborhood?

Per Refinery 29, McNally came up with the idea after flipping through his photo archive, which contained many photos of various NYC locations. “A situation is already there, ready to be imagined,” he explained. “Adding the character element makes the situation more of a 'moment.'"

Personally, I kind of love this project because it marries two of my favorite things: Disney and New York. If you think his works are as cool as I do, you’re in luck: some of the prints are currently available for purchase. Check out McNally's full project, and bring home some of the magic for yourself.

Image: Harry McNally