36 Hilarious Kid Reactions To Meeting Obama This Year

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As 2014 comes to an end and we're all taking a wistful look back at the year that was, it's overwhelming to think of how much our president's had to deal with. Obama has had to mitigate the Ebola crisis, continuously try to rein Putin in, and launch an international coalition, but all that was probably a walk in the park compared to his toughest mission: Obama also has to impress kids. Everybody knows that there is no head of state tougher than a cranky 3-year-old. A cranky 3-year-old who's also hungry and bored? Forget about it. Not even NATO would go near that. Luckily, our president has had some personal experience with the youngsters — he has two teenage daughters, Malia and Sasha — and he's not so bad in the charm department either. But not even the president of the United States can impress every little squirt he comes across. In fact, some kids throw Obama the same side eye they'd throw the chirpy mailman while others are downright terrified of him.Take a look at all the children Obama has either made smile, laugh, cry, bang their heads in boredom, or stare in bewilderment this past year.

Image: United States Government Work/Pete Souza

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