17 Plus Size Swimsuits For Your Winter Vacation — From One-Pieces to Fabulous Fatkinis

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It's not always easy to find that perfect plus-size swimsuit, even in the summer months. So don't get me started on the winter! Finding a stylish swimsuit over a size 12 after October can feel more impossible than getting out of a late December Netflix rabbit hole. There's simply more to choose from in July, when we're all heading to the beach or lounging by the pool on the regular. But swimming doesn't cease to exist in the winter! So why the lack of swimwear in December? What about warm weather vacations or the pool at the gym? Sometimes a girl just needs a new bathing suit in the middle of January, you know?All that being said, here are the cutest suits out there this dreary December month for plus-size babes heading on a holiday or hitting the heated pools. It's all here (albeit in reduced quantities): from sleek one-pieces to lacy numbers to colorful bikinis to sporty suits. Whatever you need, whatever your tastes, it's time to find the bathing suit that will help get you through this winter in style.

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