How to Dress Just Like Alexa

Whichever side of the "is Alexa Chung annoying?" argument you happen to fall on, you've got to admit that the lady has some serious style (I'm still not over the embroidered jacket + culottes outfit she wore back in November). Wondering how to dress like Alexa Chung yourself? I can't blame you; she can make pretty much anything look good, from pearl-encrusted Chanel to well-worn Madewell — even outfits that, as she puts it, veritably scream "#toddlerforever." Yep, she can even make the lackluster get-up of a two-year old seem heartbreakingly, envyingly chic (there's definitely a reason she's got endorsements coming out her ears — she has more cool factor than she knows what to do with).

Anyway, the outfit du jour features a basic black and white striped tee, layered under an ultra-comfy pair of overalls — or, as Alexa affectionately calls them, "dungs." Simple, right? All you have to do is add in a natural MLBB rosy lipstick and her signature cat eye (not shown in the picture, but you know she's rocking some liquid liner), and you're good to go!

Looking to pull an Alexa and hearken back to the days of sippy cups and nap times? Well, first off, let's take a gander at the outfit in question:

The very picture of effortless chic, eh? Now, here's all you need to steal her look:

A Striped Shirt

This striped tee from ASOS is less than $20, and it's kind of perfect for the job — it just has that breezy, Alexa vibe to it!


These $25 Mossimo dungarees from Target are well up to the job...

... Unless you're looking to splurge on these ultra-comfy looking overalls from Madewell, that is.

Now, all you need is a rosy pink lip color of some sort (on the higher end of things, I'm a huge fan of Dior Rouge Baume in Garden Party, and on the drugstore side, I love Maybelline Color Whisper in Made it Mauve) along with your favorite liquid liner (and perhaps a pair of brogues) and you're pretty much golden!

Images: Getty Images; chungalexa/Instagram; Courtesy Brands