5 Things You Should Never Say To Women Who Drink Whiskey — and No, It's Not a Man's Drink

Women and whiskey have been bosom bedfellows at least since the days of the Wild West, and while they appear side by side in old blues songs and heavy metal jams, it's because they are usually both presented as things to be consumed by men. Thankfully, female whiskey drinkers are finally getting their due, as a new whiskey renaissance is being led by female distillers, blenders, tasters, and, of course, drinkers.

In the 90's, only 15 percent of whiskey drinkers were women, compared with 37 percent today, but our influence goes even farther back. According to Fred Minnick, author of Whisky Women , women were behind iconic brands such as Bushmills, Laphroaig, and Maker's Mark, so it's only natural that we're finally coming out of the closet as drinkers of this liquid gold.

In my early 20's, I started out most memorable nights with a shot of Powers and a prayer. I still remember the sexist commentary that would rain down on me at bars and on dates when I'd refuse wine, beer, or Cosmos and insisted on sticking to the good stuff. You wouldn't disparage a man for wanting a whiskey, and yet female whiskey drinkers are often confronted with ridiculous commentary like this:

1. "Do you want some Coke with that?"


If I wanted to dilute this fine spirit it would be with water, thank you very much. There's nothing wrong with a mixed drink, but true whiskey connoisseurs prefer not to bog down the natural goodness of whiskey with a truckload of corn syrup. Thanks but no thanks.

2. "That'll put some hair on your chest!"


First off, eew. Second, what is it about whiskey that is so entwined with masculinity? Seriously, how can alcohol have an actual gender or change yours because you imbibe it? Contrary to popular belief, whiskey is not a testosterone substitute.

3. "There's a lot of calories in that. Wouldn't you rather have some vodka?"


Vodka is like water. Why would I want to drink that? Women who drink whiskey tend not to let something as small as a "calorie" run their lives.

4. "It's all the same, right? Just drink this well whiskey"


No, it is not all the same. Woodford Reserve, Yamazaki, or Macallan whiskey will crush your well whiskey. Clearly you have much to learn, sir.

5. "Aww, cute. It probably gets you drunk so fast"


Being intoxicated can be glorious, but so can responsibly enjoying a stiff drink or two. Just because you're a woman drinking whiskey doesn't mean you're doing it to get hammered. How dare you insult my sophisticated palate.

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