When 'Total Divas' Season 3 Returns, Here's What Drama You Can Expect To See

Over at Total Divas, the career drama is already built in, so you kind of just have to sit back and wait for the ladies do their thing when it comes to their personal lives. The first half of Season 3 saw a wedding, the beginnings of a divorce, freezing eggs, about 17 near-breakups, and the termination of a longtime professional partnership (of course, that partnership was titled The Funkadactyls). But E! is promising just as many twists and turns when Total Divas returns on Jan. 4. As Brie Bella told E!, "You actually have to tune-in this season."

Considering that the first half of Season 3 ended with a classic "if you love something, you have to let it go" — what are you even talking about, John Cena? — breakup cliffhanger, this half kind of has to follow through on the drama, and I'm personally hoping Season 3B picks up in the exact same scene that Season 3A left off... très dramatique. But there will be a lot more going on in the latter half of Season 3 beyond Nikki Bella's complicated love life. There are so many other complicated love lives to keep up with! We don't know a ton about the return of Season 3, but here's all the Total Diva madness you can expect, starting with this Sunday's premiere.

Bella Family Feuding

The first half of Season 3 left off with Brie interfering in Nikki's relationship with Cena, because she thought Cena was causing Nikki to sacrifice things she really wanted, like marriage and children. One could assume that would not go over great with Nikki, but the Bella herself has promised the betrayal will be addressed. Of her family's meddling, Nikki told E!, "I was beyond shocked that they would do that to me."

What's Eating Brie Bella

But Nikki might be a little more forgiving of Brie, because Brie's facing a life-changing decision in the new season: does she need to give up her career to have a family with her wrestler husband, Daniel Bryan? Nikki told E! that two of their cousins and three of their best friends being pregnant certainly helped Brie's thinking along, but I'm sure all that happy domesticity will also remind Nikki that there are a few plans for the future that she and her man needed to be thinking about this season.

Naomi Is Out

When production photos for the second half of Season 3 started to circulate that didn't feature Trinity McCray, aka Naomi, rumors started to fly that the longtime cast member was leaving the show. Naomi herself has since confirmed it: she's out, and it doesn't entirely seem to be her choice.

Trinity's level-head will be missed, but now maybe she can have a real chance at that Divas title.

Alicia Fox & Paige Are In

And with a little room in the roster come two new Divas for the new season, an E! press release announced in October. Alicia Fox is an unpredictable tornado in the ring, and Paige is considered the anti-Diva, but what will be made of their real life personas is yet to be seen.

New Girls, New Crew

E!'s press release for the new season also hinted that Fox and Paige would be joining up with Rosa Mendes to start a new girl clique of sorts, and Paige confirmed to Wrestling Inc. that the three have become the closest of pals. Paige is just 22 years old and has made it her mission to get the other two to have as much fun with her as possible. Finally, a few more single ladies!

The Aftermath of Nattie & TJ

Not to end on a bad note, but everyone is wondering... it seems things are still rocky for Nattie and her husband, TJ. E! says Nattie will be leaning on her family and Diva pals for support as she and TJ continue to navigate their divorce, which includes — get this — moving into John Cena's house for a while, who just so happens to be allergic to cats. Nattie and those darn cats...

Images: James White/E! Entertainment