Gisele Bundchen's Spring 2015 Chanel Campaign is Total Bohemian Beauty, Including Her Barefoot In the Streets of Paris

Chanel is one of those timeless brands that seems to exude polish and elegance, but when you have a carefree, bohemian icon fronting an ad campaign — you can bet the vibe is going to be slightly, well, more relaxed. Chanel's Spring 2015 campaign featuring Gisele Bundchen has been released, and the stunning images definitely take a few a new steps for the iconic French brand. Barefoot steps, that is.

In the all black and white ads, Bundchen poses in front of iconic Parisian landmarks, including Café de Flore and the Seine. True to Gisele's signature style, the Brazilian supermodel is only lightly made-up, with her hair in loose, undone waves as she models the brand's classic tweed suits, skirts, and draped blouses. But the most marked styling feature of the campaign is that she's barefoot. Walking all over Paris. In the dirt, grime, and food-crumbed streets — all of which is, of course, not visible in the photographs, but none-the-less, you know it's there. Although she somehow makes the unhygienic galavanting look more romantic and less a sanitary concern, but I guess that's why she's a supermodel. So really, Karl? No cute Chanel shoes to market this season, hm?

Images: Chanel