How To Get Into Hogwarts, and Other Advice From Kids and Elders, Via REACT YouTube Channel

If you've ever needed advice on how to get the bad boy, how to get into Hogwarts or how to curb a vicious rumor, you're in the right place. REACT, a channel on YouTube that specializes in the reactions, advice, and opinions of kids, teens and elders, is more than a little entertaining, incredibly adorable, and pretty on point when it comes to describing the absurdity that is our modern culture.

If you're looking for a short summary, let's discuss what I learned from the below video:

1. Getting a bad boy is really as easy as making the correct fashion choices. For example, a leather vest, black leggings, and high heels is apparently the ideal recipe for the ultimate delinquent aphrodisiac. Thanks Holgie.

2. Hogwarts itself can be a very complicated concept. According to eight-year-old Emma, it may even be a type of animal. But for the most part, you're either going to have to enroll to Hogwarts University online or be magic. If neither of those options work for you, you're going to have to wait for your acceptance letter in the mail. Hogwarts is ironically elitist.

3. The best way to stop a rumor from spreading is to handle it directly; damage control in the form of hunting down the source and laying down the law is best.

For more advice, check out the video, and REACT.

Images: YouTube/REACT (2)