7 Tips for Replacing Discontinued Beauty Products

by Miki Hayes

When it comes to finding the perfect makeup shade for any product, the struggle is real. Whether it's a foundation, red lipstick, contour powder, or even an eyebrow pencil, we tend to end up like Goldilocks: trying everything until we find the color and formula that is juuuust right. But here's the worst first-world problem: When you've finally found the products that were obviously made specifically for you, the company decides to stop making them, and you're left trying to figure out how to replace discontinued beauty products. If you're one of the lucky ones, you find out about the shortage when there is enough time to stock up on a lifetime supply before they're gone. If you're not... well let's just say the disappearance is met with rocking in corners and tears of disbelief. I'm sorry I couldn't save you, MAC Ronnie Red!

But just because you can no longer find your favorite products from the original seller doesn't mean you can never have it in your life again. It just takes a little bit of investigation, and in order to properly investigate, you need to know your product. Just like being in a relationship, knowing why you love your products is more helpful than just knowing you love it. The "why" is what will help you find a replacement. So don't despair if you run out of your favorite limited edition product. These tips will help you have it back in your life again.

1. Find a Dupe

If you're okay with finding a replacement that might not be exactly the same, but is still quite similar, look for product dupes. There is a wealth of dupe-related videos on YouTube, and comparisons on Pinterest that will help you find a worthy replacement.

2. Find a Related Brand

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil, $38, Amazon; L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise OleoTherapy, $8, Amazon

Many brands are actually owned by the same parent company. Look to other brands within these beauty family trees for products similar to your discontinued ones. Make sure to pay attention to the descriptors to find the closest match. So if you had, for example, a "radiant-finish" foundation, look for foundations that are also described as being "radiant," "illuminating," or "glowing."

3. Check the Brand's Website

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some brands such as Maybelline and Covergirl have sections on their website dedicated to helping consumers find replacements for their favorite discontinued beauty items. All you have to do is enter the information of the product you had before, and a dupe from the brand will be suggested.

4. Check Out The Cosmetics Company

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This outlet store carries both current and discontinued beauty from brands like MAC, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, and more. The shades carried are frequently changed, so you can always check back to see if they have started selling what you're searching for.

5. Check Blog Sales

There are a ton of beauty lovers out there. Many have limited edition or discontinued products that will be up for sale on blogs. However, these products will usually be at a marked-up price due to rarity, and they will sometimes be lightly used. All information will be disclosed on the sale site, though. For a one-stop-shop, check out Makeup Addict Blog Sales.

6. Check Helpful Websites

Sites like Amazon and eBay might carry your precious products, but be wary of fakes. You can also check MakeupAlley for reviews of and suggestions for similar products.

7. Make Your Own

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If all else fails, make sure to hold on to enough of the product you want to replace. Take these samples to companies that specialize in creating custom products, or search online at places like Three Custom Color. They should be able to match the sample you have and replace your lost love.

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