Why Jon Hamm is Undergoing Surgery

Jon Hamm drew some attention at Sunday night's Emmys with his gigantic, impressive hiatus beard. Turns out, though, that Hamm's got something much more notable (and nerve-wracking) set to happen below that beard: Hamm is undergoing throat surgery next week. According to reports, the actor was ordered to check into the hospital for an operation after coughing up blood. Poor Don Draper.

The Mad Men star's reps have confirmed the surgery to the press, stating that it's just a "routine outpatient procedure to remove a single polyp from his throat," though there have been past reports stating that there were two polyps instead of one.

Of course, any Hamm fan would be concerned for the actor's health, and not just because of their devotion to Mad Men. At the very least, Hamm and his partner Jennifer Westfeldt can sleep well knowing that Hamm is not likely to react like his character Don Draper did to the hallucinations of illness.

In all seriousness, though, routine and outpatient or not, a health scare that involves imminent surgery and coughed-up blood is never fun and in fact usually causes heaping amounts of stress and concern, so hang in there, Hamm. We're here for you when things get hairy.