Who Is 'Total Divas' Paige? Saraya-Jade Bevis Is Going To Shake Things Up in Season 3B

If you aren’t a fan of WWE and E!’s Total Divas, then the name Paige might not mean anything particularly special to you. However, if you have been keeping up in the world of female wrestling, then you know that Paige, the newest cast member of Total Divas, is already a superstar in the wrestling world. “Paige,” born Saraya-Jade Bevis, is joining Total Divas Season 3B and from the quick previews I've already seen, it looks like she’s going to shake things up in the diva world.

In an early preview of what is to come for the girls, Nattie and Paige are at a party together when Nattie accidentally takes a few bites of a pot brownie. Paige then tells her that there are drugs in the brownie, calling it a “fun” brownie, and she quickly spits it out, but it looks like from the preview that Nattie already starts to feel the effects of the pot, although I’ve watched people on pot brownies (relax mom, I said watched) and it takes a lot of time and a lot of brownie to actually feel it, so thanks reality TV for your overdramatic plotlines. However, it just goes to show that Paige is inevitably going to get the girls into some crazy situations.

So besides her involvement in some baked good-related drama, here's what you should know about Paige.

Keeping It in the Family

Paige began wrestling at age 13 and was born into a prominent English wrestling dynasty. Her father Ricky Knight and her mom Julia Hamer-Bevis (better known as Saraya Knight) began the World Association of Wrestling, one of the biggest wrestling promotions in the UK, in 1994. On top of her parents being major players in the British wrestling world, her siblings are also wrestlers. So, it’s actually in her blood.

Breaking Records

Paige became famous when she became the first NXT Women’s champion. NXT is basically like the precursor to the WWE (the same program that our favorite new Bachelor contestant is a part of). According to her WWE profile, this year Paige became the youngest woman ever to win the butterfly-emblazoned title. She also is the first one to have won both the NXT Championship and the Divas Championship.

Alicia Fox & Paige Are BFFs

Even though they have fought each other in the ring, Paige told E! that Alicia Fox, who is also joining the Total Divas cast this year, is one of her close friends as well as a WWE girl named Rosa. "But you'll see, it's me, Rosa and Foxy all together. I love to play jokes on people so you'll see a lot of that," she said. "We're the three amigos and we just kind of do things spur of the moment. Crazy stuff, like I'll take them places and we did some pretty crazy stuff which I think people will enjoy. And being single ladies too, that's always a plus to watch."

She Likes Katniss Everdeen

Or at least she likes to tweet "The Hanging Tree" lyrics from Mockingjay. But I like to think that she’s a Katniss fan.

Image: E! Entertainment