The 2015 New Year's TV Marathons Are Killing It This Year

Ah, New Year's. A time for celebrating the end of a pretty weird year, drinking too much champagne, and making promises you'll never keep. I know I can't wait to leave 2014 in the past, it was a pretty bonkers year, but not without sampling the glory that is this year's New Year's TV marathon lineup. Whether you like vulgar cartoon robots, intelligent scifi anthologies that make you question your very existence, or campy Old Hollywood broads, there is something marathoning for everyone.

Image: Chris Large/FX

'Fargo' on FXM

Fargo became a critical darling this year despite initial reservations that the show wouldn’t live up to the Coen Brothers film that inspired it. FXM will marathon all 10 episodes on New Year’s Day starting at 2 pm ET, so, this is the perfect time to check out what all fuss is about while you nurse your hangover from the night before.

Image: Matthias Clamer/FX

'The Simpsons' on FXX

After the success (and all the headlines) that FXX received earlier this year for its The Simpsons marathon, I’m not surprised the network is doing it again. Beginning at 7 pm ET on New Year’s Eve, this marathon will be just right for those of us who prefer a little humor to bring us into 2015.

Image: Fox

'Futurama' on Comedy Central

If The Simpsons doesn’t hit your animated sweet spot, there’s also the Futurama marathon on Comedy Central, which starts New Year’s Day at the oddly specific time of 9:21 am ET. The show can help you prepare for our bright future that will likely include vulgar robot overlords.

Image: Fox

'How I Met Your Mother' on Lifetime

Still can’t get the bad taste of the HIMYM series finale out of your mouth? You might be into the New Year’s Eve marathon that starts at 9 am ET on Lifetime, where you’ll enjoy the earlier episodes that came before the show took a left turn into crazy town. Plus, How I Met Your Mother has the perfect mix of warmth, comedy, and family to ring in the new year.

Image: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Bette Davis & Joan Crawford films on TCM

My favorite and oddest choice on this list is definitely the Bette Davis and Joan Crawford marathon that begins New Year’s Day at 6 am ET on TCM. This lineup includes the 1964 film Dead Ringer where Bette Davis plays a set of estranged twins with killer instincts. If you love camp, scenery chewing, and aging Old Hollywood dames, this is the marathon for you.

Image: Warner Bros.

'The Walking Dead' on AMC

If you want to start 2015 being thankful that you aren’t stuck in a zombie apocalypse (rendering your love of television marathons and copious amounts of champagne a moot subject), then fire up The Walking Dead on AMC. The marathon starts December 30 and goes through New Year’s Day so you’ll have a lot to savor while you’re regretting whatever ridiculous drunken mistake you made at your friend’s New Year’s party.

Image: Frank Okenfels III/AMC

'Portlandia' on IFC

After being stuck at a party with drunken, pretentious hipsters maybe you’ll find yourself hungering for some satire on that subset of our generation. If so, there’s always the Portlandia marathon that starts New Year’s Day at 6 am ET on IFC.

Image: IFC

'The Twilight Zone' on Syfy

How can anyone ring in the new year without watching at least one episode of Syfy’s annual The Twilight Zone marathon? This marks the 20th year of The Twilight Zone New Year’s Eve marathon, which begins at 7 am ET. The show remains a potent cocktail of intelligence, wit, satire, and weird fiction. What more could you want from a New Year’s binge?

Image: CBS