31 Times Hillary Clinton's Boss Face Showed Everybody Who's In Charge

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Hillary Clinton has kept us all on the edge of our seats as she teased her official 2016 presidential bid. But while we wait with eager anticipation, somewhere Hillary is slowly sipping a latte and staring down a blueberry muffin. That's because Hillary Clinton DGAF. And her cool, calm, unaffected poise helped her nab the title of "Most Admired Woman" for the 13th year in a row. Gallup recently asked a random sampling of Americans to name the woman living anywhere in the world whom they admired the most, and they chose the former Secretary of State. Winning 12 percent of the vote, Hillary beat out Oprah Winfrey, who had eight percent, and Michelle Obama, who secured only three percent of the vote. Not only has she nabbed the top title 13 years in a row, but Hillary's been the most admired woman in the world a total of 19 times, which is a Gallup record. In other polls, Americans have given Hillary top marks for not only likeability and leadership skills, but also for her toughness. And that toughness certainly shows through in her many facial expressions. Usually she's smiling or exuding passion during a speech, but every so often something does not sit well with her, and her face instills a kind of fear we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies.

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