8 Reasons New Year's Eve is Seriously the Best Night of the Year, So All The Haters Can Stay Home If They Want

New Year's Eve gets a bad rap. A lot of people willfully hate New Year's Eve. Poor New Year's Eve. As it turns out, New Year's Eve is the best night of the year. I'm a huge fan of holidays. I'm incredibly festive, and nothing makes me happier than a very special day or night that is planned, talked about for months on end, and finally executed with friends, family, pretty dresses and copious amounts of alcohol. The Fourth of July, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter—you name it, I love it. The anticipation, the revelry, everyone telling everyone how beautiful they are, how funny they are, how much they are loved...In short, holidays are my sweet spot. Which is why I think New Year's Eve just might be the best night of the year.

I can hear you groaning from here already, but just stop. When did everyone become such a grinch anyway? Every time I show any enthusiasm for New Year's Eve, people wilt like seventeen dementors just entered the room. It's like they forget I'm talking about an event where everyone is happy and drinks and laughs and dances! New Year's Eve should nourish you, not drag you down. If you feel like the life is being sucked out of you by New Year's, you're probably just doing it wrong. Sorry but not sorry; someone needs to real-talk you, obviously. Here are 8 reasons why New Year's Eve is actually the best night of the year.

1. You Don't Have To Prepare Food Or Buy Presents

New Year's Eve is a night that's about that night—not about anything else. There's no food prep necessary; no frantic, last-minute shopping for gifts. It's a night that fulfills itself, and you have no obligations to do anything extra towards making it an epic holiday. It's epic by its mere existence.

2. It's All About You

Along with not having to buy presents or prepare food, New Year's is great because it's all about you. You get to wear whatever wonderful outfit you want to wear. Damn, you can wear crazy heels if you want (this is a huge deal for me). You can see who you want to see, eat what you want to eat, go where you want to go, drink as much as you please to drink and dance to whatever you'd like to dance to. How does that not sound like fun?

3. There Are No Holiday Politics

Divorced parents? Who cares on New Year's Eve? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO! There's no set idea of what New Year's Eve is or how you should do it. With Christmas and Thanksgiving, there's lunch here, dinner there, you must see all your grandparents immediately! On New Year's Eve, no one can tell you what to do. You're a free agent.

4. You Can Do Whatever You Want!

The great thing about how much people hate New Year's Eve is that you don't have to do anything, if that's what you'd prefer. When you tell people you're just going to stay in and watch the fireworks, it's likely they'll say something like, "Ugh, I wish." By the same token, you can go out and party until the morning light if you want, and no one will ever judge you. You can make whatever you like of New Year's Eve; as I've been saying, there's no formula to it. The night is your oyster!

5. It's a Symbolic Fresh Start

Sometimes people poo-poo New Year's resolutions but I say MAKE 'EM. Make as many as you can and throw yourself into them gratuitously, because it's the one time of year you get to have a completely fresh start, even if it is just symbolic. Sometimes you get into a rut, and having a holiday that signifies a new beginning can be the best way to shake it off. Why not?

6. It's Silly and Exciting

Sometimes the most exciting things are the dumbest. Like puppies and parakeets being best friends. How crazy is that? New Year's Eve might not have any other connotation than "party", but so what? That makes it all the more pee-in-your pants, frivolously fun.

7. Midnight Kisses Are the Best, But So Are Cuddles With Friends or Family

There's something about the clock striking 12 and you grabbing someone you love (or someone you might love, or someone you don't love at all but just like putting your mouth on) that is simply spectacular. Whether it's a passionate kiss or a hug, there's no denying that butterfly feeling in your tummy when you start a whole new year with affection, and with other people being affectionate around you. It's like the airport scene in Love, Actually: if it doesn't make you feel at least 5% gooey inside then you really need to re-evaluate your level sentimentality.

8. It's a Socially Acceptable Opportunity to Wear Something Dumb On Your Head

Are you kidding me about even THINKING about passing up the opportunity to wear a stupid glittery headband that has "2015" protruding from it?

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