11 Sparkly Fashion Items You Never Knew You Needed in Your Wardrobe — For New Year's Eve and Beyond

If you're anything like me, you know the value of a good sparkle. So since you'll be rocking the sequins and glitter to ring in the new year, why stop there? Sure, glimmering skirts and embellished shoes aren't acceptable in every setting (it is perhaps best to leave those at home during traditionally professional occasions). But when you're going out, grabbing dinner, or heading to a party, a tasteful sparkle is more than welcome. The following eye-catching wardrobe items are guaranteed to make 2015 a shimmering year from start to finish.

Charming Booties

Why not start at the bottom, with a pair of booties covered in party glitter. With any hope, that ravishing looker you spotted at a party will be able to trace you down because of the trail of glitter you left in your wake. That’s not a terrible way to be remembered, now, is it? You can thank me later.

BCBGeneration Charm Pump, $66,

Sequined Skirt

If you’re on the shy side, but still love a good sparkle, a muted yet shiny texture might just work for you. This skirt, in a pretty ivory color, features light-reflective sequins that glimmer in the light. Perfect to dress up and dress down. Plus, it’s on sale!

Nasty Gal Shiner Sequin Skirt, $48,

Sparkling Beret

Whether you’re a hat person or not, it’s hard to deny the adorableness of this black, sequined beret. Plus, if you’re weary of sequins within your style, a small accessory like this is a great place to experiment.

Sequined Beret, $9,

Sequined Sweatpants

What two things are better than sequins and sweatpants? Combined into sequined sweatpants, this piece is perfect for fashion-savvy individuals interested in comfort as much as they are in making a style statement.

Silence + Noise Sequin Pant, $99,

Dreamy Kimono

This soft, cream-colored kimono features delicate sequin detailing. The sparkle is subtle and pretty, without being overpowering. Plus, this piece would be great to dress up with heels or dress down with jeans.

Tessa Kimono, $53,

Shimmering Shift Dress

Sure, this dress is a perfect pick for New Year’s Eve, but why not re-purpose it for another celebration? This silver shift dress would be gorgeous paired with black accessories to match the detailed piping. Plus, the flowing structure looks like it would be a dream to dance around in.

Goldie Outsider Dress With Sequin Detail, $123,

High-Waisted Shorts

These high-waisted, sequined shorts are edgy yet graceful, especially dressed up for a night out. The dark color of these shorts only makes the sequins more versatile compared to the typical sequined piece.

Joa Glamour Sequin Short, $50,

Fur and Sequined Jacket

If you’re a sucker for trends, then this jacket is for you. Not only does it feature a sequined tribal print, but it also has faux fur sleeves. This cropped jacket is a dream statement piece for any trendy-savvy fashionista looking to work some sparkle into their wardrobe.

Sequined Faux Fur Sleeve Crop Jacket, $82,

Detailed Button-Down

Everyone needs a classic button-down in their closet, but why not update it with a little flare? This version features vertical sequined stripes down each arm, proving to pair some sparkling glamour with a professional side.

Sequin Side-Stripe Shirt, $50,

Sweet Clutch

Accessories are always fun to play around with, and this clutch is no different. With a bright red cherry created with sequins, this clutch is both playful and pretty — guaranteed to get you tons of compliments.

Santi Cherry Clutch, $129,

Black and White Crop Top

A girly take on the enduring athletic trend, this sequined detailed crop top is a simple way to incorporate sequins in your day-to-day wardrobe. Plus, black and white is with a doubt the best color combination, even with sequins.

Sequin Raglan Crop Top, $13,