Top 10 Best & Worst Dating Moments Of 2014, From Hilarious OkCupid Experiments to the World's Most Epic Tinder Freakout

Dating always has the potential of being massively painful, and 2014 was the year for some pretty epic dating moments. After you figure out whether or not it's even a date in the first place, there's a lot of stress, pressure, and miscommunication that can occur once you finally meet face to face in an intimate setting. Or like, Buffalo Wild Wings. Whatever you guys decide to do.

Thankfully, the pain of others that has been made viral will only bring important knowledge to the rest of us. For instance, as it's almost 2015, we should know by now that emoji break-up texts probably aren't the way to go. And that, you know, your parents shouldn't be home to ask your new date what his views on fatherhood are. And that nine out of 10 times, Craigslist is a horrible way to meet someone unless it's in the parking lot of a public place during the day, and you're simply trying to give away a partially used TV stand from IKEA.

If you, yourself have had some bad luck (or fantastic luck) dating, you'll probably appreciate this roundup of the 10 best and worst dating moments of 2014. Let's just cross our fingers that you don't have a moment that'll make the list next year.

Best: OkCupid Adds A Predator Alert Tool

Personally, I’ve never used any dating site except for OkCupid. And from there, I went on one very weird date. Like, we hung out in the food court at the mall and then never talked again. While I think I have pretty good judgment towards who’ll be creepy, a lot of creeps hide their true nature until it’s too late. This is something that OkCupid fought to eradicate this year, and I totally praise them for trying to solve potentially horrific situations.

This helpful plugin was created by Meitar Moscovitz, and attempts to screen our predators using both facial recognition tools, as well as through questions made famous by the site. Seriously, Meitar – we salute you.

Image Credit: John Morey/Flickr

Worst: The Laundry List Breakup

I’m guessing the woman being dumped was pretty done with her failed relationship already, as she forwarded these texts to a close friend. The close friend went ahead and put them on Twitter, and they went viral. They went viral, because — well, they’re pretty hilarious.

Here’s some advice. If you’re going to air a list of reasons as to why you need to break up, you need to do it in person. Even if it means that they might be in the vicinity of your cat, who is obviously quite the gentleman. (Seriously, though. I love my cat, but she hates everyone who comes over and disappears from their sight. Nobody seems to take it personally.)

Image Credit: Amy Nelmes/Twitter

Best: Jordan Axani's Travel Companion

Here’s the story about how a cool guy named Jordan made every woman wish that she was a Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher. Long story short, he booked a crazy amazing vacation with his (then) girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher, and they broke up well before boarding the plane together. Jordan took to Reddit to try and find someone else who’d be interested in the trip, so that he wouldn’t have to go through the hassle and complications of changing or cancelling the tickets.

Even better, this studly hunk was clear that this wasn’t any weird attempt to find a brand new woman to date. They could enjoy the trip solo, as he just wanted to bring someone happiness. And then? He found someone named Elizabeth Gallagher to travel the world with him, you guys. Has your heart exploded yet?

Image Credits: Jordan Axani/Facebook

Worst: A Very Meme Breakup

So, first thing’s first. This guy’s girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. That sucks, and the pain is made worse by knowing that this guy (who is possibly named “Kane Zipperman”) most likely lost two relationships by her actions.

However, when she begs to get him back, and showers him with compliments, he didn’t take the high road by simply ignoring the petty attempts. He took the low road, by posting his meme-filled text responses on Twitter, and then followed it up with a few interviews and TV appearances when it went viral. He gained his 15 minutes of fame, while she probably felt pretty darn humiliated.

Cheating is never pretty, but it’s downright horrifying when it’s highlighted on the Internet. Kids, feel free to send each other your hurt-memes, but don’t take a private conversation public to bring additional shame.

Image Credit: Kane Zipperman/Twitter

Best: The Tinder Ghost

OK, so Grace Spelman is my hero. Just by simply swirling her face in all of her photos, she figured out that she’d play the role of a Tinder Ghost. Her responses and Twitter feedback regarding this project are quite hilarious.

Ladies and gentleman, I know that trolling is typically frowned upon. But if someone can do it cleverly without intending to hurt anyone’s feelings, or ruin anyone’s day, I think it’s kind of an art. Plus, supposedly the stunt helped her de-stress during finals, so it’s, uh… academically beneficial.

Image Credit: gspels/Twitter

Worst: Cuddlr Was Created

The overall opinion of Cuddlr is mixed, so while I might list it as “Worst,” you might be like “Girl, you cray.” But let me get one thing straight: I like cuddles. And I love to cuddle up with people I know, like, on a personal basis. And my dog.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this app, here’s what you need to know: It’s like a dating app, but the only information shared is your photo, your first name, and your cuddle rating. People can match up for a possible cuddle. What if I had one terrible cuddle with a guy, and he labeled me as being a terrible cuddler? Then my photo is attached to that bad feedback, and I might suffer a cuddle-less future. So much can go wrong here, and it’s all just a little too spooky for my liking.

Image Credit: ransomtech/Flickr

Best: A Jar Full Of Love

Reddit user “TheOnlyOne87” made everyone who truly believed that every kiss begins with Kay feel like massive chumps. By simply filling a mason jar with a year’s worth of love notes, it’s pretty obvious that his girlfriend will be having an absolutely incredible 2015. TheOnlyOne87 categorized his romance three ways : “Moments & Memories,” “Quotes & Lyrics,” and “Reasons I Love You.” Aww.

So not only was this the gift that kept on giving, but it was probably the cheapest gift bought for the Christmas holiday.

Image Credit: TheOnlyOne87/Reddit

Worst: The Tinder Freakout

After one guy made a pretty gross opening comment to a girl on Tinder, he proceeded to freak out when she (a mere “6” on his attractive scale) wasn’t interested in getting to know him better. Didn’t she know that he made $32,000 since June?! Since money is all that matters, right? You can read the full exchange here, if you dare.

Ugh. This story is great since this guy was outed (quite possibly letting others know that this type of behavior is totally inappropriate), but terrible because it happened in the first place.

Image Credit: The gentlemen you meet on Tinder/Imgur

Best: The OKCupid Experiment

Women on OkCupid often get a lot of really informative and intellectually stimulating messages, like “hey” or “hey beautiful.” It’s obvious as to why guys might think that women have it easier in terms of online dating.

However, one brave guy known on Reddit as “OKCThrowaway22221” (which pretty much means he’s anonymous) decided to test it out for himself, and made a somewhat gender-neutral profile, using an “average” picture of a woman he was friends with. Before he even finished his profile, the gross messages came flooding in.

Why is this great? Well, it’s a guy who really wanted to see for himself what some women go through while trying to find love. Or at least, have a conversation. “I would be lying if I said it didn’t get to me,” he said on Reddit. “I ended up deleting my profile at the end of 2 hours and kind of went about the rest of my night with a very bad taste in my mouth.”

Image Credit: Emma Story/Flickr

Worst: Match.Com Reveals Everyone Loves Travel

Personally, I love when these studies come out. just released its 2014 report, which stated that the term “travel” appeared in more than one million profiles. What else was common? Well, everyone apparently loved Frozen this year, and people love to describe themselves as being “down to earth.” This is the worst simply since it’s so… well, it’s basic. There, I said it.

It makes me feel like people looking for love are just putting down terms that make them seem like they’re more date-worthy. Which is why I’m personally happy that sites like “Settle For Love” came out this year. While the name seems depressing, it gives a realistic view as to what you’re getting into.

And for the record, someone can definitely fall for a person who hates travel and loves Netflix. And that love will be pure.

Image Credit: Nattu/Flickr