Top 10 Best & Worst Dating Moments Of 2014, From Hilarious OkCupid Experiments to the World's Most Epic Tinder Freakout

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Dating always has the potential of being massively painful, and 2014 was the year for some pretty epic dating moments. After you figure out whether or not it's even a date in the first place, there's a lot of stress, pressure, and miscommunication that can occur once you finally meet face to face in an intimate setting. Or like, Buffalo Wild Wings. Whatever you guys decide to do.

Thankfully, the pain of others that has been made viral will only bring important knowledge to the rest of us. For instance, as it's almost 2015, we should know by now that emoji break-up texts probably aren't the way to go. And that, you know, your parents shouldn't be home to ask your new date what his views on fatherhood are. And that nine out of 10 times, Craigslist is a horrible way to meet someone unless it's in the parking lot of a public place during the day, and you're simply trying to give away a partially used TV stand from IKEA.

If you, yourself have had some bad luck (or fantastic luck) dating, you'll probably appreciate this roundup of the 10 best and worst dating moments of 2014. Let's just cross our fingers that you don't have a moment that'll make the list next year.

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