Proof That No Pants Are The Best Type of Pants

We all look forward to that moment when we get home at the end of the day, kick up our feet, and commence the Netflix binge for the night. Work or school is over for the day and all you're focused on is relaxing. But before tuning into Serial or starting a new season of Gilmore Girls, there's one thing that every woman does: Get undressed. For some, their first instinct is to release the daily set of chains that is the bra. For others, going home is specifically a pants-free zone, so ripping those bad boys off is a priority.

Everyone's different, but what if you had to guess as to what item of clothing most women take off first when they get home? Pants? Bra? Tights? Everything? Well, luckily for you, I took most of the guess work out of it for you and surveyed more than 100 women, asking what item they strip off first when they walk in the door after work. Among options of pants, bra, tights, Spanx and shirts, what do you think the majority of women chose? There was also an "other," write-in option, which I should mention—shout out to the person who wrote, "Pants and bra as I spin in a circle like Wonder Woman." You go, girl.

Here are the results from the survey. Hint: Pants won. No one is surprised.

What about you?

Image: berc/Fotolia; Caroline Wurtzel