Meet the Newest Real Housewife of Melbourne

by Arielle Dachille

PRAISE BE TO THE GODS OF REALITY TELEVISION!! The Down Under housewives are returning for a second season of conspicuous consumption, spontaneous psychic readings, and general insanity. If you caught the new title sequence for The Real Housewives of Melbourne that was released in December, you know that two new eccentrically named women are being added to the cauldron of mayhem. Who is Pettifleur Berenger, the Real Housewives of Melbourne's newest addition? Let's get to know the woman behind all those consonants.

Described as "determined, feisty and glamorous," this newest housewife is a successful staple in the Melbourne real estate world. Berenger is a Melbourne-based property developer who "thrives on a life of accomplishment and luxury." Really though, she sells some flossy places. An article from back in September in The Daily Mail details one of Berenger's latest projects, a series of seven Melbourne luxury apartments that will sell reportedly for $6 million a pop. To borrow the words of great housewife veteran Ramona Singer, Berenger "likes making her own money. She finds it an aphrodisiac."

Ever used to the finer things, Pettifleur lives in a penthouse in the heart of Melbourne. That seems like a good job perk. Shacking up with Berenger are her three sons, who are ages 23, 16, and 13.

But in between all of these commitments, she still finds plenty of time to take selfies with her cast mates. See?!?!?! You CAN have it all!!!

Berenger also dished to The Daily Telegraph about the drama of Season 2 and her portrayal on the show. She seems pretty gloriously unapologetic about her HBIC nature and essentially admits that she's known to throw down on occasion. She said:

I take life full throttle. I have a very quick mind and I kind of sometimes don’t have an off button... I am a grown woman. I have dignity for myself so I wouldn’t say fight but I will say it as I see it.

Translation: she's gonna go OFF at some point on someone. Probably Janet or Lydia, 'cause those ladies be starting trouble like it's their job (after all, it's pretty much what they were hired to do). Also, let's not overlook her tagline. "This little flower is no shrinking violet."

As I see it, the addition of this newest Francophile lady sets all systems a go for a bloodbath in Season 2. But, you know, a dignified, glamorous, luxury bloodbath replete with color-coordinated outfits and free La Mascara cocktails.

Image: Pettifleur Berenger/Instagram