Gigi Hadid's Best Selfies From 2014

There's a lot of important things to reflect on as a year comes to an end. Did you make a difference in the world? Did you spend enough time with your family and friends? Did you meet your goals? What do you need to improve up on in the new year? Also: Gigi Hadid's selfies. Obviously. OK, OK, so maybe Hadid's best Instagram shots aren't really super important when it comes down to it, but they're pretty. And that should count for something, shouldn't it?

What is true, though, is that Hadid is among the most successful models in the world at the moment, and will most likely only be gaining popularity (and, with that, selfies) in 2015. With rumors of the becoming the next Victoria's Secret angel, friends like Kendall Jenner, and a handful of awesome collaborations already under her belt (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, anyone?), Hadid has had an amazing 2014. And what better way to reflect on her success than listing her best selfies? Get ready to bask in some beautiful.

1. Hair and Makeup Selfie

Would I take a selfie each time I had my hair and makeup done professionally if I was a model? The answer is yes.

2. Mirror Selfie

I don't really need a caption for this one, I think.

3. On-The-Go Selfie


4. Fancy Plane Selfie

Yes, that is a plane. With a spa. No big deal.

5. The Dress We Wish We All Had Selfie

New Year's Eve dress dreams...

6. Her Calvins Selfies

Because there's more than one, and they're both kind of awesome.

7. Fresh Faced Selfie

I also exit the shower looking like this, if you're wondering.

8. Abs Selfie

*Drops and does 3,400 sit ups*

9. Couple Selfie

OK, how cute is this?

10. Red Lips

I feel like you only know you're a real celebrity when sideways selfies seem like a real option.

11. Models Are Silly Too, You Know?

She's adorable, I know.

12. PUPPY!


13. I Woke Up Like This

So she's clearly in bed... but wearing overalls? So maybe she didn't just wake up. But she looks awesome.

14. Squad Selfie

Famous friends? Of course.

15. The "In Case You Forgot I'm Friends With Kendall" Selfie

In case you forgot.