This DIY Bath Bomb Meme is the Best Thing to Happen to the Internet, Even if it's a Little Bit Disgusting

The Internet is, as you know, a beautiful place, and it's most recent stroke of genius is this fake bath bomb meme. Just in case you really, really have no clue what a bath bomb is, allow me to fill you in. A bath bomb is a beauty product (made famous by Lush Cosmetics) that fizzes and dissolves in your bath tub when you plop it in the water, often turing the water bright colors. It smells good, it makes your skin feel good, it's pretty. Oh, and a lot of people post about it on Instagram. You know, the age-old question: If a girl takes a hot bath with candles (and/or bath bombs) and does't Instagram about it, did it really happen? Answer: no. But I digress. Bath bombs are awesome, but recently a new Internet joke has popped up making fun of them in the best possible way. Ramen noodle bath bomb, anyone?

As BuzzFeed pointed out, sometime in the past few weeks people thought it'd be a good idea to start making fun of bath bombs and replacing the bombs with other, funny things. Like dirt. And Starbucks. If you don't understand yet, don't worry; it'll all make sense. Long story short: It's hilarious.

Way to win at everything, Internet. Here's to an amazing 2015.