James Franco's Bed Selfies of 2014

People tend to harbor strong opinions on the various social media outlets. But it seems that in 2014, more than ever, Instagram, more so than Twitter or Facebook, was the word on everyone's lips and the app in everyone's hands, though some people are definitely lighter on the Instagram use than others. James Franco is not one of those people. The actor, much like my preteen cousins, uses Instagram to capture pictures of himself at an alarming rate. So much so, that the James Franco often takes selfies while in the comfort of his own bed, where he should most likely be sleeping, or contemplating his next facial hair move.

To commemorate his affinity for the front facing camera and the app that makes it all worth it, here are a look at the Franco's best bed selfies and boy, are they plentiful. Perhaps in 2015 The Interview star will find another piece of furniture to take pictures on. Like, a love seat, or a chaise lounge... or maybe a sectional. Either way, feast your eyes on the best of Franco's bed selfies, because if nothing else, 2014 was the year that proved no one in our society is satiated by the plain old selfie any longer. We want pizzazz!

The time he was really trying to convince us of something

But we're not sure what.

The time he selfied for a good cause...

Can't hate him for trying.

...but probably should've showered first

Scrub a dub dub.

The time he gave us a bed selfie video

Is that a rice cake?

The time he looked cute even at a weird angle

Needa give credit where it's due.

The time he shared a throwback treat

Approriately inappropriate.

The time he made us super uncomfortable

As usual.

The time he proved bed selfies are better with friends

Especially handsome friends.

The time he gave himself a birthday shout out

As 50 Cent would say, "Go Shorty, it's your birthday."

The time he gave us a row seat to the inside of his nostrils

Not so bad.

The time he included healthy snacks

At least he's willing to share.

The time he gave one of many romantic pleas to all of his Instagram followers

Super intense.

And another

Even more intense.

The time he definitely woke up with a sore neck

Why are you doing that yourself?

The time he was chillaxin'

It's whatevs.

The time he got up close and personal

Too personal.

The time he took a highly relatable bed selfie...


And an artsy selfie

Because he's quirky like that.

The time he shared a beard highlight

Nice and lush.

The time he had a different approach

I like it.

The time he shared a makeshift bed selfie in the wide open air

Lounge chairs are basically beds anyway.

The time he was cold but also hungry

Do you, Franco. Do. You.

The time he took commemorative end of year bed selfie

Happy New Year, ya lovable weirdo.