This Charm Could Save You from Assault

For the most part, wearable tech is more about utility than life-or-death necessity, thanks to things like Opening Ceremony varsity jackets with built-in chargers that transform the fashionable user into a human mobile charging station. While wearable tech can be about necessity for power users, since accessibility is crucial to business pursuits, the Stiletto is an essential advancement in wearable tech. Stiletto charms could save you from being assaulted.

While the spiky shoe knowns as the stiletto might be a safety measure due to the ability of its heel to be turned into a weapon in extreme situations, this particular Stiletto is the flagship product of Secure Couture, which creates personal security wearables. So it's like LoJack, but as a cute, on-your-person accessory.

The programmable and connected Stiletto is embedded in a variety of jewelry charms. It serves not as a means to prevent risk, since that's related to the perpetrator and their behavior. But it's extra protection that does offer peace of mind and gives the wearer the ability to reach out for help in a covert, tech savvy way upon finding herself in a shady situation where her phone won't do.

As a professional publicist who does a lot of solo, late-night traveling, I am super aware of my surroundings, which is further enhanced by my obsession with true crime shows. However, I also have to be "on" and look the part, as well. So the Stiletto charms seem like a brilliant option for me as an added layer of insurance and security.

The most important thing is that as women, we all have to be cognizant of the fact that we can be a target or a victim.

Secure Couture has created the devices since victims of sexual or violent assaults rarely have time or ability to call for help and this allows them do make one-touch contact quickly without having to fumble with a phone that could be easily yanked out of her hands and tossed away.

Here's the intel about the Stiletto. The charms start at $179 and come in a variety of options.

1. It's Tiny And It's Undetectable

It measures one inch by one inch. Since it's worn, as opposed to being carried in your hand like a phone, it's not an obvious protective measure. It's not like pepper spray or mace, which is easily familiar to the eye and can backfire. When your cell is not in your hand, you still can still reach for assistance with your fingertips. You send an alert (or cancel it) in simple, press-the-charm fashion.

2. How Does It Work?

A personal security wearable offers real-time notifications and it keeps track of your phone or other tagged personal belongings. It syncs with your devices and so that emergency dispatchers can be notified.

3. It's Your Voice, Too

If the wearer cannot speak for herself, the Stiletto will speak for her through a voice assistant technology. It also recovers dropped calls and lost connections.

4. It Looks Good

The charms attach to bracelets or necklaces to be your discreet personal security system.

5. It's Smart But Programmed By You

The Stiletto syncs to your phone but it's you who decide who gets the emergency alerts when you might run into some trouble or a threat.

My verdict? While the Stiletto won't prevent victimization, it's certainly additional protection and it looks good so I am all for it.

Watch the video below for a rundown of how much the Stiletto slays.

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