Eloquii Will Now Cater to Sizes 26 and 28!

The email accounts of Eloquii newsletter subscribers held special news for plus-size babes today: The brand will be launching some of their designs in sizes 26 and 28 this year! The clickable link to sign up for updates about the extended size range offered few details about the launch, although the brand actually said the sizes would be available late December. A search on the site, however, shows that the most recently added styles still aren't available in the new sizing. Hopefully it's only a matter of time though!The roll out will apparently happen slowly, featuring only a few styles. Depending on the success of the expansion, Eloquii will then decide whether to make even more options available over a 24. In the brand's own newsletter words: "You said you wanted us to extend to sizes 26 + 28. We heard you... Now ladies, it's not every style — but if you like it, we will do more...and then more...and then, everything!" This is an all-around great move for the e-retailer: They're going to be one of the very few companies that are trend-oriented and also offer options for babes on the larger end of the plus spectrum. There's a demand in the market, after all, and these kinds of moves help fulfill it.The expansion is also a positive sign for Eloquii (who became an independent entity after The Limited killed the brand during restructuring in 2013). Deciding to branch out and extend their line — in a calculated and responsible fashion — makes it appear that they're well-off enough to do so. So let's hope that these pieces are well-received and we continue to see more from Eloquii and more fashionable clothes for all plus-size women in the future!

Images: Eloquii