9 DIY Ways to Stay Organized in the New Year, Because That's One Resolution You Can Actually Keep

New Year's resolutions can be a challenge to get a head start on, whether they involve changing the way you eat or just trying to become the best version of yourself. One of the first steps of getting started with any goal is finding ways to get organized — that's why we've rounded up 9 DIY projects that will get your life in shape so you can tackle any resolution on your list.

Whether you need to create a brand new bulletin board to lay out your dreams, or a new organization system to get your bathroom in order, these easy DIYs will ensure that you're in tip-top shape to streamline your life and make sure you actually keep those New Year's resolutions. Happy organizing!

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Hang Reminders on a Closet Door

Closet doors are some valuable real estate, as far as storage goes. Follow Vitamini Handmade’s advice, and use this space to hang up important reminders, lists, and some pens to keep track of everything.

Image: Vitamini Handmade

Use Old Wine Corks in a Bulletin Board

Sure, your wine cork collection does look pretty cool in a clear jar, but why not turn it into something functional? A Beautiful Mess makes a wine cork bulletin board that is perfect for pinning up cards, receipts, notes, and more.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Invest in Under-the-Sink Storage Bins

A small storage solution makes a big difference. Just look at how organized Coordinately Yours’ under-the-sink cabinet looks thanks to a few plastic bins!

Image: Coordinately Yours

Make an Organization Clipboard

You don’t have to sacrifice style for organization. Vintage Revivals turned paint tubes into some seriously cool wall art. Try out her DIY with your own twist.

Image: Vintage Revivals

Strategize Makeup Storage

Your makeup collection may be beautiful, but leaving it on the countertop encourages clutter to build up. Follow A Beautiful Mess’ lead and organize lipstick, blush, and more into small compartments, perfectly stowed away in a drawer.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Use Magnets to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Save your ever-shrinking bobby pin collection from extinction by adding some magnets to your medicine cabinet. Getting ready in the morning just got way easier. Thanks, The Merrythought!

Image: The Merrythought

Put Together an Organization Board

If you’re the type of person who can’t live without a calendar, agenda, and perfectly synced G-Cal, then Girl Loves Glam’s organization board is the stuff of your dreams. Keep track of pretty much everything in your life with this pretty DIY.

Image: Girl Loves Glam

Craft a Pretty Jewelry Holder

Never get your strings tangled again. The Merrythought’s simple jewelry holder adds a lovely touch to any room while keeping your accessories in the right place.

Image: The Merrythought

Keep Track of Notes with a Belt Strap Memo Board

For another wall addition, construct your own belt strap memo board with the help of A Beautiful Mess’ tutorial. You’ll never lose pretty invites or cherished photos ever again.

Image: A Beautiful Mess