Idina Menzel's "Let It Go" Flub Has the 'Frozen' Singer Addressing Harsh Critics in the Best Way

When Idina Menzel flubbed "Let It Go" on New Year's Eve, the internet exploded with harsh reactions. The singer didn't hit the high note of the iconic Frozen song during her performance, but finished the song confidently, holding out the line, "let the storm rage on" before singing, "The cold never bothered me anyway." After being criticized for "messing up the song," Menzel responded on Twitter with the equivalent of Elsa slamming the door behind her in the movie, basically telling the internet to let it go already.

Instead of directly addressing the performance, she just posted a quote that she said last year, which directly ties to the issue at hand:

Basically, Menzel shook off the haters in the best way possible. Nobody's perfect, but she comes pretty damn close.

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