'Hills' Star Holly Montag Is With Child

Move over, Kristin Cavallari, because another Hills star is going to be a mom! (OK, OK, no one needs to move over. I don't know why I said that. There's plenty of room. Carry on.) Holly Montag is pregnant with her first child. The news first surfaced back in December when Heidi tweeted congratulations and a link to a photo of her expectant sister. Holly and husband Richie Wilson's baby is due in May 2015.

I'm going to go ahead and cross my fingers that Auntie Heidi decides to throw her niece or nephew an elaborate birthday party some time down the road. I mean, we've all seen the Enzo's birthday party episode of The Hills . (WE'VE ALL SEEN IT. DON'T PRETEND OTHERWISE.) Say what you will about her, but Heidi can throw one heck of a kid's party. (And Spencer can throw one heck of a fit about a kid's party, amirite?) Heidi's school of party planning thought: When hosting a soirée for a child, there's no such thing as "too much." All of the themes, please and thank you!

It would be a crying shame if Auntie Heidi chose to not bust out those skills for her own kin. (And it would be a crying shame if Uncle Spencer didn't get the chance to squash his party pooper reputation, amirite?)

I attempted to find a clip from the Enzo b-day bash episode, but my YouTube search was derailed within seconds. This video is the reason why:

If I still used AIM, I would totes change my default screen name to "StephaniePrattsHeadscarf". I would not worry about whether or not anyone else understood the reference. It'd make me laugh out loud every time I logged in, and that's really all I could hope for out of an AIM screen name.

Where am I? Oh, right. Baby stuff. Here's the aww-dorable pic of the parents-to-be: