9 Reasons To Wear Sequins All Year Round

by Arielle Dachille

Ah, sequins: the patron embellishment of New Years Eve. All year, you wait to throw every single sparkly garment you own into a glitter-bomb ensemble in celebration of this most inebriated Holiday. But your sparkly garments needn’t gather dust for another 300 plus days, lying in wait for the next ball drop. No sir-ee. You have every rhyme and reason to incorporate your New Years Eve sequins into your everyday wardrobe.

If you’re like me, you’ll come across those sparkly garments while leafing through your closet and smile in spite of yourself. Thinking that your NYE-specific Lurex pants make you feel like an invincible human disco ball, you’ll resolve to bring them out of hibernation on occasions that aren't New Years Eve. Then, social mores will snap you back to reality. You’ll come to terms with the harsh reality that the workaday world is a rather hostile place for human disco balls. That bedazzled butterfly top you wear every NYE will likely garner some side-eyes and off-kilter comments from your peers like: “Somebody’s dressed up!” and “Where’s the party?” This is enough to make huff a defeated sigh and resign yourself to wearing outfits that don’t glisten.

But really, eff that sartorial hegemony. Sequins are AWESOME and they're too special to be confined to your NYE celebration and accompanying walk of shame. Here are nine reasons that your 2015 resolution should be to wear more sparkly sh*t.

Sequin nail polish is the best nail polish

Just glancing at your hands is enough to bring a smile to your face, when you're rocking nail confetti.

Wearing sequins is like wearing all the colors of the rainbow at once

Ah, the power of little mirrored circles that catch light.

Sparkly embellishments make the world a brighter place

You'll literally light up every room you walk into.

Sequins have mood-elevating effects

Who needs a Seasonal Affective Disorder light box when you're got a million tiny lazer pointers on your shirt?

It'll bring you one step closer to being Rihanna

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

After all, they make you feel like a fabulous beast

Trust Big Ang. She knows.

Sometimes, you may feel like you've gone ham on the sequins

After all, the world isn't used to your level of shine on an everyday basis.

But the people who matter will always love your sartorial choices

Seriously. You''ll get so many compliments.

'Cause when you wear sequins, everyday is New Years Eve

You ARE the party!

Image: Wiffle Gif (8); Gifsoup