Puppy Says "I Love You" And We Cannot Handle It

Another day, another video of a dog saying "I love you," and that is totally fine by me. In this particular recording, a new French Bulldog owner holds her fluffy, wrinkly ball of cuteness, and coos at it, lovingly. Dressed in a cozy Christmas outfit (to guarantee that our hearts really, truly do melt. Way to not give us a chance in hell, dog.), this puppy is so young and (probably) so overwhelmed by its new human world, it lets out little baby dog whimpers and feeble barks.

"Aww, I love you," the owner, who is infatuated with her new puppy, says. Instead of barking back, as one could reasonably expect a puppy to do, the French Bulldog mimics, "I love you" back, totally shocking his adoring owner. Because normally animals don't utter human terms of adoration, you know? Covering her hand over her mouth, it almost looks like the dog mom is about to cry, and I don't blame her. When the first words your puppy says are "I love you," you're bound to get a little bit emotional. It's a really big deal.

While I love all animals, I think this baby French Bulldog is my new favorite living creature on earth. Who wouldn't want a warm, little puppy yowling "I love you" and infinitely parading its cuteness?

Image: Yuval Helfman/Fotolia