Get Ready for New 'Game of Thrones' Very Soon

If you're anything like me, the Game of Thrones withdrawal you've been going through since season 4 ended in in June 2014 has been very, very real. (Personally, I'm now at the point where I'm inserting Game of Thrones references into everyday conversation without even realizing it.) So, it's with great pleasure that I report this news which could very well help alleviate some of that withdrawal: While season 5 of the series isn't set to return for another few months — currently, the date is slated to be sometime in Spring of this year — HBO has announced a new 28-minute Game of Thrones special is in the works for a February premiere, which is to say, NEW GAME OF THRONES NEXT MONTH.

That scream you just heard in the distance? That's me, because I am so ridiculously excited.

Though there's not much information out about the special just yet, we do have the title and a short description via HBO, which is at least something: The short special will be titled "A Day in the Life," and will be a "behind-the-scenes featurette" on season 5.

OK, so it doesn't sound too exciting based off of that explanation, but this is GoT — there are dragons, it can never be boring. Besides, HBO did do something similar for season 4 of the series, and aired a 15-minute featurette titled "Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" that was pretty useful in giving fans hints about the upcoming season and the new characters it would feature. For fans of the show, I'd say it's definitely worth a watch when it airs.

So, when exactly will that be? According to HBO, the special will air on Feb. 8, at 7:30 PM.

Image: Giphy