Amy Poehler Is G.O.A.T. at Rapping, Too

It's common knowledge by now that Amy Poehler is great at everything. Acting, comedy, writing, being an excellent human being — she's good at all of those things and more, because she's Amy Poehler, and that's just how life works. Now, thanks to her recent appearance on Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang!'s podcast with Paul F. Tompkins, we know Amy Poehler is also an excellent rapper, because of course she is.

In her appearance, Poehler took part in a freestyle rap battle with Aukerman and Tompkins, in which she rapped about butter. Naturally, of course, she brought up Paula Deen to start with, then launched into a verse about Comerica Bank and how you're so broke you can't travel to Spain. Jam comes up at one point too, because she's Amy Poehler and doesn't need a reason to bring up jam. This is what being the G.O.A.T. at freestyle rapping about butter looks like, so feel free to just add this to the list of things that Amy Poehler is inexplicably great at.

You can check out Poehler's excellent rapping skillz (with a Z) below. Skip to the 4:40 mark to hear Poehler, but you should probably listen to the whole thing because it's really all excellent.