9 Insanely Sappy Aaron Paul Quotes About His Wife

Coming from anyone else, this would be absolutely disgusting. Our cynical beings — the same ones that love and talk incessantly about a show as dark and inhumane as Breaking Bad — should immediately reject the way Aaron Paul yammers on about Lauren Parsekian, his wife of four months. But no matter how many times Paul describes his marital happiness in a way that makes it fit for a the most eye roll-worthy fairytale, we can't help but resist our urge to gag and eat it all up. Because, ultimately, after all he's been through, it's just so goddamn nice to see Jesse Pinkman so happy with the Kind Campaign co-founder. (And, yes, we're aware Paul and Pinkman are two different people, even though it doesn't seem that way sometimes.)

And just how happy is he? Read below to see the actor's most saccharine quotes about Parsekian, and then let's say it altogether: Aww, yeah, bitch!

  • "The first night her and I hung out, we had our first kiss on the Ferris wheel. I told her that night that one day I was going to marry her ... We knew it was something so magical." — People
  • "I'm the luckiest guy on the planet ... I've been calling her my wife even before we started dating, so now it sounds more appropriate." —E!'s Emmys Red Carpet
  • "Let me tell you, my friend, I will be in the honeymoon phase until I leave this planet. Getting married to Lauren was the greatest accomplishment of my life. I will be forever grateful." — People
  • "Thank you so much for looking at me the way that you do, you truly saved me." —2012 Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmys acceptance speech
  • "She's the greatest woman that has ever existed. No offense to other women on this planet, but she is hands down the best." — GQ
  • "[Wedding planning is] taking up a lot of my time, which is so fun." — GQ
  • "Even leading up to the kiss on the Ferris wheel, I couldn't imagine myself being without her. … I was like, 'Wait, can this actually exist?'" — GQ
  • "When I woke up this morning, and realized it wasn't a dream." —People, on what moment of his wedding day meant the most to him
  • "I miss @Laurencorinne8 like you would not believe. She is the most incredible person I have ever known. Thank you for your heart." —Twitter

Jesse's happy, guys!

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