'Divergent' Is As Intense As You Think It'll be

Divergent isn't set to be released until March 22, 2014, but we're already getting a ton of promotional material for the film ahead of its premiere — likely Summit Entertainment's method of ensuring this movie won't tank like most YA films have been lately (read: The Mortal Instruments, Beautiful Creatures). Yesterday, it was two new posters featuring Four and Tris lookin' all pensive, and today, it's a brand new trailer/featurette that includes a ton of new clips from the film, and a great look at what to expect. Which is, to say: Lots of intensity.

As star Shailene Woodley (a.k.a., that one girl who makes her own toothpaste) explains, the stakes are extremely high for her character Tris: The world of Divergent is set far in the future during a time where the human race has gotten to the point where they need to be separated into factions based on their personality, but Tris is can't be separated because she's considered "divergent." Not sure why, but she JUST IS.

Anyway — the way that their society deals with "divergent" people isn't by playing them "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera and giving them a hug, though — it's by killing them, because they drive a wedge into the whole way they live life. So, Tris is forced to keep her status a secret from people like Kate Winslet, who would kill her if they found out. Oh, and she's just sixteen at the time. Can you say therapy?

You can check out the featurette below.