Is Vail Dating Anyone From 'Vanderpump Rules?'

Could the time finally come when Vanderpump Rules ' newest cast member, Vail Bloom, is "Jax'ed?" In case you don't know what Jax'ed is, let me explain. Jax'ed (verb), is when one is manipulated by Jax Taylor in his pursuit to bed whoever he is trying to win over. While Vail seems to be someone who is able to know right and wrong, let me give her a hint in case her judgement is clouded: Jax is wrong. It seems like Vail knows this and has stayed away from Jax romantically, but has Vail dated any other SUR staff since she started working there?

Vail could be the first person to ever be on Vanderpump Rules and work at SUR and not date one of her coworkers. After looking through her Instagram and Twitter, it appears that Vail keeps her private life private (which is so refreshing for someone on Vanderpump Rules), and from the looks of it, doesn't seem to be in a relationship with a single one of her coworkers. Not Jax. Not Peter. Not anyone.

In fact, Vail's SUR friends don't seem to make much of an appearance on her social media at all, which leads me to think that she keeps things professional while at work. Sure, maybe during Vanderpump filming she is best friends with these people, but outside of the filming schedule, it seems like Vail has got her own life and her own friends — making her the first SURver to not fall into the weird, incestuous pot that the Vanderpump Rules cast serves up.

I can't really blame Vail for wanting to keep a healthy distance away from the SUR staff when it comes to looking for love. The relationships that are formed at that restaurant are often very unhealthy, immature, and disloyal, and I would say that Vail is way better off finding a nice guy on her own than from Fairy Godmother Lisa Vanderpump's pool of staff — even Lisa warned Vail to stay away from the staff when it comes to a romantic relationship.