Zooey Deschanel vs. 4-Year-Old: Who Wins?!

In a quest for pop cute-ure perfection, it's easy to assume that actress Zooey Deschanel takes the cake most days. Because how could she not? She plays a ukelele and sings songs with her equally-as-adorable friends, like Parks and Recreation's Ben Schwartz, or even this sing-along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

But today, Internet, that standard bearer may have met her match. Meet Benjamin Ames' 4 year-old daughter.

Trying to calm her down following a restless attempt at sleeping through fireworks, her dad decided the best medicine was a ukelele and a wee spin around the 1926 tune "Tonight You Belong to Me." And, well — it may have just out-cuted the cute master. Because where Deschanel and Schwartz's cover is fairly straightforward, the littlest Ames' rendition is bossy princess perfection. Where Schwartz and Deschanel have clearly practiced, baby Ames has decided to simply improvise and do it off-the-cuff. And you know what? Off-the-cuff works. But it's obviously all a matter of personal opinion, so take a looksie for yourself:

Deschanel and Schwartz: Cutie Originators

The Ames Family Adorable Fundown

It's weird because I generally cower in terror at the thought of having to raise and instruct a tiny human how to be a real person, but Baby Ames has thrown me for a loop. Does this mean I want children now? Does this mean that somewhere, deep down inside of me, there's a... mom in waiting, hoping and praying for the day when she gets to pick sticky Cheerios off her rug while a tiny human burpgiggles and drunkwalks their way to their destined, fully-realized form?

Say it isn't so, you guys! Ugh this video is a life-ruiner.

The race for Queen Cute is on, y'all. Choose your allegiances wisely.

[Image: YouTube.com]