Inhaling Alcohol Is The New Insane Drunk Trend

Vaporizing is apparently the future of everything. Just this week, I was at a bar/restaurant and the people at the table next to me were sucking on this sort of weird, non-medical inhaler (which I'm guessing was some kind of e-cigarette). The good people over at Buzzfeed went ahead and tried out the latest "trend" in vaping, vaporizing alcohol, so you don't have to. This, I'm hoping, comes as something of a relief to you. Using a product called "Vapshot", the people in the video are all trying vaporized alcohol for the first time. The video comes with the disclaimer, "Vaporized alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream making you intoxicated quicker but lasts only 15 mins," and asks, "Is this the future of drinking?"

Across the board, all the participants are freaked out by the sound of Vapshot's motor going on, and I've got to tell you, I'm freaked out by Vapshot. It's a huge contraption that's sort of like a bike pump, or some kind of respirator you'd find in a hospital. It doesn't exactly look enticing. One of the participants describes the process eloquently: "You vaporize alcohol and then you drink air," putting his straw to his mouth in an explanatory mime. Then things start to get real as the vaping begins. Turning their alcohol to air, all participants are equally rattled by the "pop" that happens when they open their bottles full of vaporized booze. Sucking it down, none seem overly impressed by the taste, except one guy that says it's tasteless and one girl who says it tastes like berries. Unsurprisingly, no one is fully convinced of the merits of vaporizing alcohol. Watch below.

Image: YouTube