The 'Vogue' Spring/Summer Trends I'll Be Wearing

Yesterday morning, Vogue Paris published a list of the "Top 20 Trends for Spring/Summer 2015," so get ready to go through your wardrobe and choose which ones to make your own. You'll probably discover that you already are incredibly trendy. If anything, it may feel as though Vogue has copied their list from your closet. On the other hand, the roundup could inspire you to dig out things you haven't worn for ages, or to mix and match in a way you never thought you could.

I was delighted to see so many things on the list that I actually love to wear, such as bold colors, polka dots and vintage fabrics. However, the roundup also included some items that I have never worn but would love to try — I'm thinking ballerina skirts and tailored suits with a twist. Let's face it: Most catwalk trends don't make it to our everyday style (and I can't say I trend-watch in general, partially for this reason). But I still enjoyed picking out my favorites from this particular Vogue list.

Whilst I'm going to leave out black mesh, nautical style, khaki and the patchwork denim trends from my list — because they are all a bit too 1990s flashback, if you ask me — the maxi dress or skirt seems to appear in several of the trends (springing up in hippy deluxe, ballerina and pop art), and that I can jump on board with. If you have one of those, then you’re on the right path, too!


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I love the comfort of jumpsuits: You don't have to worry about layers that don't want to stay tucked in where they are supposed to — which means you can bend over without worrying about flashing anything. A jumpsuit is one piece that covers most of your body, so you don't even have to spend as much time choosing matching tops, t-shirts or pants, either!

I'm not going to lie to you: There is one major drawback that comes with heading out the door in your favorite onesie. There is no nice way to say it, but you're gonna have to sit on the toilet totally naked. You can keep your bra on, sure, but that is pretty much it — be ready to hang up that pretty cardigan or blazer. And please don't wait until your bathroom needs are urgent, considering that completely undressing takes time. Oh and one more thing: Don't forget to lock the door, especially if you're at work. Just saying.


I first fell in love with the kimono in 2003, when Karen O. went through her kimono phase. Such a traditional garment, but it looks so elegant, dramatic and stunning. Lately, Amanda Palmer's fans made this kimono for her from pieces of fabric collected from people all over the world.

Want to follow the trend without going full-Kimono? Get yourself an Obi-belt and match it up with a smart jacket.


Did somebody say glitter? Yes Please! Nothing makes you feel more fabulous than wearing glittery fabrics and channelling your inner John Travolta.


Since Carrie Bradshaw first appeared on our screens, the ballerina skirt has been a favorite of mine. I got this green Hell Bunny Petticoat as a gift, but I'm thinking I should get out the sewing machine and make it into a full scale ballerina skirt.


I'm going to make you all jealous now: I get to walk past the fabulous Dries Van Noten store every time I go into town! His window displays are as beautiful as his clothes! I love his use of vintage inspired fabrics, and this trend is accessible to everyone. Just get ahold of your grandmother's nightdress and get sewing!

Since starting to sew my own dresses, I have been looking forward to getting my hands on some pretty vintage fabric to make into a modern-style dress. As I saw on Pinterest, even some old retro sheets can be transformed into fabulous dresses.


OK: You don't have to go full-Joey on this one and wear all of your clothes at once. However, I like mixing patterns and seeing what the result is (and usually, the result is fun). One time I was wearing a striped top with a polka dot skirt, and my boss told me I looked like an American flag! (I didn't even have any stars on that day!)


There is nothing like a red dress to make you feel fantastic, daring, strong and dangerous. It is also scientifically proven that women wearing red are considered more attractive to men. And no: I'm not saying that that is or should be our aim in life. But if you want to turn heads, red it the way to go!


The reason I love polka dots is a rather funny, personal one: A lifelong friend of mine almost always wears polka dots. I had a quick rummage through my closet and was surprised to see that I too own six or seven polka dot dresses. I always thought that the term only referred to the tiny white dot pattern, but apparently it can be used to describe dots of any kind, or general circles. The name probably came from the fact that this print was popular around the same time as the Polka Dance.


I have always been a big fan of menswear as womenswear, but have yet to find anything in that line that makes me look as fabulous as Annie Hall. I guess I'll keep searching in 2015!


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Wear what makes you feel fabulous! No one expects you to look like you just walked straight from the catwalk every day, so why not pick and choose which aspects of particular trends you want to embrace? I will be keeping this list in mind next time I get dressed, and see what exciting new combinations I can invent.

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