9 Fashion Tricks For Keeping Warm in the Winter — Because This Cold Spell Isn't Going Anywhere

Sorry to be the one to say it, but summer is long gone and it's time to find ways to deal with the extreme cold that has entered our lives once again. No more denial: Dig out your abandoned winter wardrobe and learn to love it again. My son is a huge fan of the film Frozen (who isn't?), but watching it made me feel uneasy. I didn't quite realize what the problem was until Let It Go came on, when I caught myself thinking "NO Elsa, don't throw away your gloves; you'll be freezing!" I get shivers just watching it — even from under my three sofa blankets.

I'm not going to lie: Cold weather makes me want to say bad words. I can't handle it at all, and am incapable of taking my coat off for two hours after I arrive at work. The feeling is so horrible that it makes everything unpleasant, be it cycling or having a stroll in the park. Seriously, the additional wind chill makes it feel like your face is getting cut into pieces. OK I'm being overly dramatic, aren't I? But I bet you know exactly what I mean. We have to be honest with ourselves, though. For the time being, things are not going to get any better— at least for a few months (don't cry, now). So let's see what we can do to fashionably keep our ears and toes from freezing off.


The toasty warm secret that no one needs to know about! It might feel a bit weird in the beginning, but it's worth it for warm legs!


For those of you who don't yet know, there are some fantastic socks on the market at the moment. My favorite brand is by far Happy Socks. They make stylish and colorful socks to suit every taste. Or how about wearing famous artwork on your feet?


I'm so excited about my new winter coat. I've been toying with the idea of making a cape for a couple of years now, but was never really convinced that I would wear it due to the whole wind-coming-in-the-bottom issue. When I saw this coat, I realized that all I ever wanted was the huge cape hood rather than the whole cape. A massive one like this makes you feel protected and very Little Red Riding Hood. It's just lovely. I should also mention that this jacket is padded like a nice duvet cover on the inside — SO warm. Not as cool if it's windy though, just saying.


OK: I seriously thought this image was a photoshopped joke when I first saw it, but it seems that Lenny Kravitz is really embracing the blarf (blanket/scarf) trend wholeheartedly. And sure, why wouldn't he? Don't we all wish we could be wrapped in our sofa blankets all day long? I know it would make my life a hell of a lot more pleasant!


You have no excuse not to try this: Cut up some old t-shirts or pajamas, and off you go! It just involves sewing in straight lines and the result is fabulous. If you want a more dramatic, fuller result, just make the fabric strips wider when you are cutting.


I’m going to blame this one on Barbie! As a child, I owned "Gymnast" Barbie, who was equipped with leg warmers and a lycra bodysuit. And since then I have had a soft spot for leg warmers.


It sounds a little old-fashioned, but it can work out well if you find a nice cut. Have a look out for dresses or skirts in heavy warm fabrics such as wool or felt. You would certainly not be cold in this!

Midi Dress In Wool Jersey With Seamed Detail, $48, ASOS


If this scientific diagram doesn't convince you, then I don't know what will! I wear mittens every single day. They are super amazing for cycling or taking a wintry walk. (Not so amazing when trying to find your keys in your bag.)


Having warm ears makes a huge difference in your overal freezing experience, so keep them covered! (Come on: You didn't really think I could get to the end of this without a cute cat GIF, did you?)

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