What Color Are Harry Styles' Eyes, Really?

What color are Harry Styles' eyes? That seems like a simple query to type into a Google search, but it actually is pretty complicated. I figured this would be pretty clear. I could look at close-up images of him and clearly notice Harry Styles' eye color. I could read the answers to questions in a Styles fan forum. I could comb through some Taylor Swift lyrics for eye color references. It's not like I am trying to uncover some tawdry celebrity gossip. This seems like a pretty easy question to answer, but weirdly, it is not at all.

Harry Styles looks so different in every photo. I can't tell if his eye color is changing based on lighting, a reflection from his outfit colors, or even if there's some sort of photo editing going on. I just had a straightforward question that I was honestly pretty indifferent about in the beginning, but now that I can't have an answer, I really need to have an answer! At this point, I am considering reaching out to Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, or his One Direction band mates for an answer. Not that I actually have any of those connections, but you get my point. I just want to know what's going on here.

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With glances at several photos they look green to me. Case closed right? Not so much. According to a post on Answers.com, Styles has green eyes with "a bit of yellow and light brown in there. Fans in a Yahoo! forum go back and forth between saying they are hazel, blue, or green. One enthusiastic fan even said, "They are a gorgeous shade of blue but due to yellow/white lighting at concerts they can appear green." The answer on ChaCha is: "Harry Styles is good looking with curly brown hair and green eyes. Some photos show him with blue eyes, but they are green." I love how none of these sites can just answer the question. Every response has to include something about Styles being gorgeous or good looking. I understand why, but it's just pretty funny that they feel the need to point that out.

It's pretty tough for me to come to a conclusion on this one. I cannot find any instances where Styles himself sets the record straight, but if they appear green, then I am going to declare that they are green. Until further notice...

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