Ellen Films Portia Doing a Jane Fonda Workout

Just when you thought Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi couldn't be more perfect, this epic hidden camera moment happened. Although it's not a typical prank from the talk show host, DeGeneres taping De Rossi doing a Jane Fonda workout is one of her best videos yet. Not only does the actress limber up for the moves, but she does the butt flexing and the '80s version of twerking in jeans. Somehow she's that flexible, even in denim. DeGeneres actually showed this clip to Fonda, explaining that she pretended like she had to watch it for work, when she really had a secret plan in mind. In fact, she interrupted her wife doing a jigsaw puzzle in order to try this workout. How perfect is that?

"Portia's sitting doing a jigsaw puzzle, and I said, 'I'm gonna pop [the Jane Fonda workout video] in, I wanna see this because I want to be able to talk about it," DeGeneres explained. "So she got up from the jigsaw puzzle she was doing, and I took the phone out, and started recording her." The full video is below, as well as Fonda watching the epic clip. Can we also talk about how Jane Fonda is 77? I bet your eyes just popped out of your head, too. New Year's Resolution: do this workout video every single day and look like her now, not in 50 years.