This Real Housewife Has the Best Name Ever

If colorfully-named cast members are any indicator, the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne is sure to be old school bananas just like Season 1. One of the newest additions to the Toorak universe is a dame with a tagline-ready first name, and she plans to use it. New Real Housewives of Melbourne addition Gamble Breaux is way more than a verb. She's pretty much the exact kind of trophy wife/amateur designer/party girl that makes for the perfect reality TV star.

A woman who "loves all things beautiful," Gamble is a contemporary art collector and consultant. According to her Twitter bio, she works at the Billich Gallery, a Sydney-based space dedicated to the work of Australian painter Charles Billich. She also designs handbags crafted "for liberation, freedom, sexuality and style" under the label iGambol. The iGambol website gives us further insight into Gamble's character and upbringing. It reads:

Gamble Breaux, born into a family of artists, has been passionate about music and dance from childhood. Her first words were song... Her Sister Tempest, a style guru, helped her create her own style which got her kicked out of Sunday School.

Somehow, all of these elements converged into the design of a holster bag could hold a gun, but is really meant to hold your makeup and phone. SASSY! Hot sexy gals like to dance around to Nelly Furtado while wearing this bag, as you can see in the following video.

She is also married to Dr. Richard Wolfe, a Victoria-based eye surgeon. I can't give you an exact age difference between Gamble and her hubby, but I'll let the following photo speak for itself.

Now, if you wanna get to know who she'll be on the show, an announcement in The Herald Sun delves a bit further into Breaux's persona and principles. Those principles include looking good, partying and loving her dog. The statement reads:

She believes in always looking your best, even if that means a little nip and tuck. A big dog lover, Gamble is bubbly and fun and always up for a party.

Oh, those Real Housewives and their dogs. Has a greater bond between man and beast ever existed? I think not.

Well, the relationship may be a little coercive. But something tells me that if Breaux is into dressing her dog up, she's gonna fit right in with the ladies of Melbourne.

Image: Gamble Breaux/Instagram