Meet The World's Cheapest Smartphone

Hey, remember when Nokia made those nearly microscopic cell phones in the early aughts, before smartphones were ubiquitous? They might not have been as fancy as the BlackBerry, which was burgeoning around the same time, but they were so sleek and compact you could hide them in your bra, plus you could play that really addictive game Snake. The company is continuing its tradition of making functional phones that may not be the It phone, but will do just fine with the Nokia 215, which is the cheapest smartphone in the world at just $29.

Microsoft, which bought Nokia last year, is calling the Nokia 215 the "most affordable Internet-ready phone." Like most of the company's past models, the Nokia 215 isn't groundbreaking, and it's certainly not trying to compete with heavyweights like the iPhone, but it has plenty to offer. Plus, it's $29, as in less than $30. At that price, the Nokia 215 allows you to call, text, check Facebook, get instant notifications through Facebook's Messenger service, post to Twitter, check the forecast with MSN Weather, search with Bing, and browse the Internet with Opera Mini Browser.

But for those of you who are perfectly fine with using iPhone 3s and wearing second-hand clothing if it means getting a bargain, don't get too excited. The Nokia 215 won't be available in the U.S. Instead, it's seeking to introduce the smartphone to less-connected markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Jo Harlow, vice president of Microsoft Devices Group, said in a press release:

With our ultra-affordable mobile phones and digital services, we see an inspiring opportunity to connect the next billion people to the Internet for the first time.

The entry-level phone won't have the fastest Internet capabilities since it will only support 2G networks, but what we take for granted will likely seem mind-blowing for the phone's intended market. Plus, the Nokia 215 will have a 0.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in flashlight, and a battery life of 29 days on standby, which is ideal for countries that don't have outlets on every block.

First of all, 29 days of battery life is like an absurd fantasy for iPhone users, and again, 29 is also the price of the entire phone. To put that in perspective, here are 11 things that the Nokia 215 smartphone is cheaper than.

Images: Microsoft