Who is Cory Andersen? Meghan Trainor's Alleged Boyfriend is an Ambitious Music Man — UPDATE

Update: According to an update in the E! News article referenced below, Cory Andersen is Nick Jonas' assistant rather than manager. On Monday, it was announced that "All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor is reportedly Cory Andersen, Nick Jonas' manager. Some of you might be asking yourselves, "Who?" — and rightfully so. He's not a major name in the music industry, but, apparently he has the right moves if he's managing the "Jealous" singer and supposedly snagging Trainor as his lady.

Well, I figured those who can't get enough of celeb romances would want to know more about Andersen, and I'm here to fulfill those wishes. After a lot of research (aka stalking), I managed to stumble upon what I assume is Andersen's Facebook page and his LinkedIn profile. He looks like the man kissing Trainor in this picture, so I'm just going with it. Plus, he has a lot of posts about Jonas on his FB page, so that probably means this is the Andersen who manages Jonas. If not, this poor man's photo and info is going to be plastered all over the Internet, but, hey I'm just helping him become famous.

With that said, let's talk about Andersen and who he is. He seems to have a lot of experience when it comes to radio, producing segments, managing, marketing, and a bunch of other talents for a man who's relatively young. Andersen is educated and seems quite ambitious, which is definitely a good quality to embody. (Good choice, Meghan!) Here are a few more tidbits about Andersen.

He's a College Graduate

In 2013, Andersen graduated from The University of Connecticut with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Consumer Science.

He's All About Marketing, Promoting, & Producing

Based on his LinkedIn profile, Andersen has quite the resume. From producing Billy Bush's show to working at Live Nation to holding a promotions internship at Columbia Records, Andersen is no stranger to the entertainment biz.

He Used to Work at Capitol Records

I think it's important to note Andersen once worked at Capital Records as a "manager of publicity." No wonder Jonas has him as his manager.

He Likes to Play Dress Up & Channel His Inner Diva

Thanks to his Facebook page, we can see that Andersen, obviously, admires female singers like Katie Perry and Beyoncé. You're welcome.

He Once Posed With Carrie Underwood

While working for CBS Radio (based on his shirt), Andersen got a picture with Carrie Underwood, which is important to share, because, well, it's Carrie Underwood. Who doesn't want a picture with her?

It looks like Andersen is one motivated music man.

Images: Cory Andersen/Facebook