Proof That "One Size Fits All" Is B.S.

Sizing isn’t an exact science; some brands use number sizing, others use small, medium and large, and foreign brands use their own classifications. But one sizing system isn’t just abstract; it’s completely wrong…Buzzfeed’s “One Size Fits All On Different Body Types” video shows how inefficient and ridiculous “one size fits all” labels really are.

The video has five different women with varying body types try on “one size fits all” clothing and — spoiler alert — one size doesn’t fit all. But how could it? There are all different kinds of body shapes and sizes, so the idea of “one size fits all” really doesn’t make any sense…unless you are a retailer. By making only one size, brands can save lots of money on manufacturing, and by saying “one size fits all” they don’t technically exclude any customers. After all, it would be much harder to attract customers to a store that only sells sizes 0-2…so why not say “one size fits all”?

Well, I’m sure we can all think of a few good reasons. By taking a piece of clothing and labeling it “one size fits all,” the manufacturer is telling all customers who don’t fit into the clothing that their body isn’t normal, unlike everyone else, who supposedly has a body that fits into the garment (hint: they don't). This kind of mentality sucks for women who are already weight-conscious and young women who are in an age of deep body insecurity (hello, puberty).

Buzzfeed’s video features items from Brandy Melville, a brand that is infamous for it’s “one size fits most” clothing that seems to actually be made for only the slender. So when BuzzFeed’s five participants, Candace, Kristin, Allison, Laura, and Sheridan were told that they were trying on “one size fits most” clothing, they were dubious. Kristin, 5'3" and a size 18 told the camera, “One size fits all? Hats don’t even fit all people.”

As the women try and squeeze into various items of what looks like doll’s clothes, it’s clear that the clothing is only meant for one body type: an average height and as thin as possible.

As I watched the video, I thought about all of the times that I have tried something on at Brandy Melville and consequentially felt like shit about myself. Everything is too short for me, and even though I love my height, it’s awful to feel as though your body isn’t like the elusive “all.” As Candace said in the video, “I never really thought about how bad it could make me feel. When I didn’t fit into it, it made me feel like something was wrong with my body.”

The only thing that’s wrong with “one size fits all” clothing are the brands behind it, especially those aimed at young women, and not the bodies that don’t fit. Watch the video, which is pretty great, below.

Images: BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube (4), Brandy Melville (2)