'Saved By the Bell' Star Dustin Diamond Will Be Standing Trial Over Christmas Stabbing

Not everyone had a happy holiday season: Former Saved By the Bell star and forever Screech Dustin Diamond was arrested after an alleged knife fight. Now Yahoo News is reporting that Diamond was ordered to stand trial Monday. The official charges against him include two misdemeanors and felony reckless endangerment.

The alleged incident itself reportedly took place Dec. 25, after a couple tried to take a photo of Diamond and his fiance, Amanda Schutz, from afar. As Bustle's own Alyse Whitney laid out in her initial write-up, this was allegedly followed by Schutz pushing the other woman as she and Diamond existed the bar; "Diamond allegedly pulled a knife after the fight escalated outside, and cops came to arrest them at their Port Washington, Wis. home on Friday morning." Other details were scarce, including on how things got to the (alleged) point of stabbing.

From Yahoo:

[Schutz] told police she shoved a woman who was making rude remarks and antagonizing her and Diamond at The Grand Avenue Saloon, according to a criminal complaint. The women then got into a physical altercation, and two men held Schutz by her hair, Diamond told investigators.

There was only witness at the hearing: Port Washington police officer Ryan Hurda, who testified that a man shoved Diamond and that said man's brother stepped into the fight when he "heard the snap of a knife."

The officer said the brother never saw Diamond stab anyone, and that there was nothing in the bar's video surveillance that shows Diamond stabbing the man.

"No, it's not distinct, but you see he's holding some type of object in his right hand," Hurda testified.

Diamond did tell police, however, that a stabbing did occur and that it was accidental in the chaos of trying to defend his fiance. According to The Wrap, Diamond claims he 'did not intentionally stab the man under the armpit, but 'chaos broke out and people were grabbing at him.'”

Luckily for him he's hardly the first Saved By the Bell cast member to land himself in the tabloids.