EHRMAGHERD, Nick & Charlie Finally Boned!

YEESH! That mid-season break felt about 10 months long. I almost forgot that the last episode of State of Affairs basically changed everything. Charlie's been fired! We have clear confirmation that Omar Fada killed Aaron! The beginning of State of Affairs Episode 7 feels like the Wild West. But the MOST important thing that happened during this episode was the fact that Nick and Charlie finally had sex. Way to relieve that super subtle sexual tension, guys.

Just a few notes on this installment before we get into the bone-fest between Nick and Charlie. I mean, that's really all I wanna talk about anyway, but there were a couple things from this episode that deserve honorable mention.

"You broke my heart Charleston, Don't break your promise." President Clayton directs Charlie to get out there and start popping' caps in the Aaron's killers, after Charlie explains that Fada was a CIA asset gone rogue. Then, channelling Harrison Ford in Air Force One, Clayton delivers the best line of dialogue in the whole series: "Now get the Hell off my plane." BOOM!

Ar Rissalah's henchmen are running around the US stenciling their symbol on national landmarks. They tag the Washington Monument. They tag the St Louis Arch. Somehow, they break into the White House and tag a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Rather than asking myself who this ski-masked vigilante is, I'm mostly wondering why the White House doesn't have better security. Worst of all, the dude who supposedly managed to penetrate the more secure homestead in the world was a 19-year-old college student who spends his days playing Fifa. WHATEVER, GUYS!!

Also, it turns out Nick was being hidden in a random shipping container the whole time. Just like that, he wanders out of the torture chamber like it was freakin' nothing. Looking around at all the other identical containers on the lot— that really could've been anywhere—somehow just knew he was in Yemen. GUH, FREAKIN' YEMEN! It's like he woke up to find himself one block from Hell.

But now that he and Charlie are reunited, untethered by CIA constrains and aide, they're totally turned on. When Nick asked Charlie "You feel it, right?" I was convinced he would just say "THE UNBRIDLED CARNAL ENERGY THAT COURSES THROUGH THE AIR BETWEEN US!!" Because really, all the subsequent events in this episode were all leading up to that love-making in the hotel room: the controversy at the border, the story-telling about good old booze; the on-foot chase through the streets. Conditions were perfect for makin' love.

'Cause he's going off to war tomorrow and this is their chance to finally go all the way. She's like, "You're not gonna go, right?" And, in so many words, he's like "Don't worry baby, you've got me tonight." OH my God, it's just too much. Not like there was a question in our minds of whether or not this was gonna happen, but at least they relieved some of those blue balls they've been building up all season. ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!

Image: NBC