Genius Solution Helps You Get That Last Bit Of PB

If you're done with playing the ol' "Let's Scrape The Bottom Of The Peanut Butter Jar With This Butter Knife" game, then this new invention is probably going to make your life. Ron Jimdar, inventor and evil genius, shows you how you can use every bit of peanut butter, jelly, mayo, cheese dip, and even lotion without basically fisting a jar. The reusable jar he created does the work for you: it squeezes everything out, making your life way easier.

In this video, Jimdar asserts, "Whether the contents are inside a rigid plastic container, squeezable tube or flexible film, the consumer would simply drop in the product along with its packaging and start dispensing!" This jar also has the potential to be eco-friendly. If brands start selling their products in pouches or bags, we won't have to keep going through so much plastic. Yay, Mother Earth! Yay, peanut butter!

The uses for this invention are seemingly endless, so even if you're not a peanut butter or cheese dip fan (although, excuse me, but WHUT?), you can still use this as "a mobile paint roller, bbq brush, tire and rim cleaner, mop, windshield squeegee, toilet bowl cleaner inside a brush, and many more," according to the video.

Not quite sold yet? Just watch the video and get ready to invest in what dreams are made of.

Image: tataks/Fotolia