Zendaya's 'Teen Vogue' Cover Shows Off Her Cool Ability to Pull Off Menswear

If you are supremely sick of overly glammed out starlets posing on magazine covers or if you are totally tired of the natural, "no makeup" makeup look on the countless publications filling the racks at Barnes and Noble, well, teen pop singer and actress Zendaya will make your day. For Zendaya's Teen Vogue cover, she nixed both the over and under done mag cover styling in favor of a completely cool combo of both styles. Zendaya got in touch with her dirty, masculine, and military-like side.

Overall, she's delightfully messy in the photo shoot images, with understated makeup, like super pale and matte lips, that can be interpreted as a "no makeup" look, depending on your perspective. Whatever the case, it's pretty effortless.

For the actual cover, the "Replay" singer looks over her should with almost a wink, tipping her cap to reveal an updo with twisty rows (a very chic update on that horrific '90s style). She's rocking American sportswear, with stripes and high-waisted trousers. But it's the inside images that show Zendaya, who is the latest rep for Madonna's Material Girl junior's range at Macy's, in a more disheveled, edgy light.

She's all sorts of follow the leader-like here.

Perched in a dusty, desert-like location in an oversized sweater with combat boots, Zendaya is effortlessly undone.

Doesn't she look like she is on set of a movie with a modern military setting? Private Zendaya Coleman, reporting for duty.

2015 could be the year that Zendaya breaks though. She has been on the verge of superstardom for a few years now, but has yet to infiltrate the rarified air occupied by Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and their cookie party crew. That could all change in the one-five. These images display her natural beauty, her unique street style, and her sassiness. She's somewhat of a celeb underdog, but there's something so refreshingly reachable about her, which isn't always the case with Swift and Gomez. I'm firmly Team Z.

Images: Teen Vogue (1); Zendaya/Instagram (2)